Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tool #11

One of the tools that I particularly liked is Stupeflix. I plan on having the students look for pictures on the Internet that represent each of Newton's Laws of Motion and then create a Stupeflix video. They will need 2 examples for each law, with brief statements of relevance and cite the sources.

I also like using TodaysMeet, which I used on Friday. The students thought it was really cool, even though we had internet connectivity issues with the iPod Touches. Now all I have to do is work with them to stay on topic.

My thinking has not really transformed about the learning, but my resolve to utilize more technology in the classroom has. I have to admit, keeping up with the work involved in setting up, monitoring, evaluating and assessing, can be overwhelming, not to mention the frustration when technology problems arise. I need to let go of some control and utilize the "student technician" idea to solve problems when I am working with students. I realize that there are so many different web tools for students to use to demonstrate their learning, that I just need to keep this in mind when I am doing my lesson planning.

I can't say there were really any surprises from this program, unless to say, that WOW, there is a lot of "stuff" out there. I think as teachers, we sometimes forget to put ourselves in the same place as our that of a learner. This program put me in that place and pushed me outside my comfort zone at times and frustrated me, but it also gave me the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment when I completed an assignment. I will say it tool quite a bit of time than I thought it would, so I prefer to do these programs during the summer when I have more time and I am less stressed.


  1. Great reflections! Letting go of the small stuff is easier said than done. Hope it works for you. I also agree that there is so much out there. It is hard to keep up with it all!

  2. Sorry for your issues with Stupeflix. I love the tool also! We are looking into district funding for it for the future. I received a notice from Animoto today about my educator account expiring and that they are examining their educator accounts. We will probably have to pay for that as well in the future.

    I think that modeling the life-long learning we expect from our students is important, especially today when technology continues to evolve and change the ways people engage and interest with one another. Allowing ourselves to be co-learners is a different mindset for teachers! Give it a try!

    Appreciate your comment about the summer! We have heard that a lot, but we also have a lot of teachers who don't want to do it then. We need to figure out how to provide the choice in the future! I hope you develop a strong PLN and continue to learn and grow!