Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tool #7

I have always envied and admired teachers (and their classes) that have taken technology to this next level of collaboration. It is my desire to do this next fall. 
Content objective: The students will collaborate with students from other schools world-wide to determine factors that contribute to the formation, strength and frequency of hurricanes. Students will collect data on hours of sunlight, water temperature, latitude, longitude and other factors associated with the formation of tropical storms and hurricanes. Students will track named hurricanes world-wide. Students will draw conclusions about the relationship between location and hurricanes.
Some of the tools we will use are Google Docs (spreadsheet), Skype and/or TodaysMeet, Google Earth and Maps.
Since our hurricane season begins in June, I would like for students to begin our school year with this long-term collaborative project. If we are able to connect with schools in the southern hemisphere, I would like this project to continue through the year. This should help students have a better understanding of universal practices in collecting data and using the data to help make predictions of future weather events and make comparisons between the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

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